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I’ve lived in the woods on the Kenai for over 42 years now. Now when it came to BBQing in an open pit, I was worthless but when it came to my award winning sauce and my gas oven; I became a gourmet chef. I’m gonna share with you my secret to my award winning ribs, here goes. And I’m giving this to you with love.

  • Take baby back ribs and remove from the package

  • Place on a cookie sheet

  • Season well with Mama’s Wilderness Rub

  • Bake them baby’s in the oven at 275 degrees for 90 minutes

  • After 90 minutes remove the ribs from that oven and glaze them with either Mama’s Original or Spicy BBQ sauce

  • As you notice Mama’s sauce is a little thick not runny so smear it with your spoon, lather it…save a little in the bottom of the jar, in case you like dipping

  • Pop those ribs back in that 275 degree oven for 45 minutes…

  • After 45 minutes, remove those ribs, cut ‘em up by the bones, pass ‘em out to your family and little ones cuz you’ve just become a gourmet chef.


Here’s my next secret, my little one’s (specially my great grandbabies) they just love putting my wilderness rub on hamburgers, on chicken, and it’s flavorful on a pork chop. But my personal favorite is dippin’ myself a fillet of red salmon in some drawn butter or margarine, getting’ my skillet good n hot coatin’ that salmon in Mama’s rub… some people claim they have the best blackened seasoning but mine is cheaper and the best tasting.Thank you for helpin’ support my family and allowing me to share some of my secrets cuz all of Mama’s products are made with love and for a family full of hungry children.





"Sauce so good they drink it"

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